41 Best Toys That Start With Letter A in 2021 – Handpicked

If you are looking for Toys that start with letter A, you’ve come to the right place. While compiling this list of toys we make sure selected toys are safe and engaging for kids.

Who are these A letter Toys for:- These toys are perfect for

Someone who is searching for the letter ‘A’ themed Toys.
if your kid’s name begin with letter A
Someone who is obsessed with letter A

Keep reading for the best toys you can find in the market that starts with the letter A. In this list we include all kinds of toys for every age group!

toys that start with letter a
toys that start with letter a

Toys That Start With Letter A: Handpicked

Scroll to select from the following toys to buy that start with A. We are sure your kids are going to love these toys. 


Why We Recommend It: Activate the special features by squeezing the Super Hero’s legs. He will turn at the waist, extend his arm and spin his trident. See the weapon light up as you hear “This is the power of the King’s Trident!”
Best for age: 4 – 8 years

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2. Aladin

Promising Review: What I liked was the joy on my granddaughter’s face when she opened her gift and saw Aladdin. Priceless! -NR McP

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3. Ariel (from The Little Mermaid)

Why We Recommend It: This Disney Princess Ariel and Prince Eric doll set comes with 2 dolls in 1 set so your kid can play out scenes from The Little Mermaid.
Who Is It For 3 years and up

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4. Angel – Cute Mini Christmas Nativity Set

Promising Review: Purchased this nativity set for my four-year-old niece. She absolutely loved it! She immediately identified Baby Jesus and wanted to know more about the other biblical characters. Pieces are sturdy and appear to be made of wood.-S. Young

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5. Anstoy Electric with Gel Ball Blaster

Why We Recommend It:  The gel ball blaster is a safe launcher toy. It fires a fragile gel ball as a projectile, so when the water bomb is launched, it will explode immediately after encountering an obstacle, forming a pile of small fragments.

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6. Alphabet Matching & Fine Motor Skills Toy

Why We Recommend It: This set’s 13 sweet two-sided ice pops come printed with a pair of uppercase and lowercase letters, helping kids build their recognition skills one pop at a time.
Who Is It For: 2 years and up

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7. Aladdin Disney’s Agrabah 9-Piece Tea Set

Why We Recommend It: Teapot lid can open up. Invite a friend over for a cup of tea and create your very own Agrabah adventure.
Who Is It For: 36 months – 6 years

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8. Airplane – Remote Control 

Why We Recommend It: Easy to Fly RC Plane! Amazing Remote Control Plane with 3 level flying, Easy, Medium, Hard, Gift any Adults or advanced kids with this Amazingly fun RC plane Ready to Fly. Caution!
Who Is It For: 14 years and up

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9. Avocado Fruit Soft Plush Toy

Why We Recommend It: If you’re looking for inspiration on what to buy as a gift. Don’t be hesitant to take it home. This will be one of your best purchases.
Who Is It For: 13 months and up

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10. Aladdin Agrabah Collection

Promising Review: Love these!! Got them for my daughter for Christmas and took advantage of the Amazing Black Friday Sale – they are easily worth the asking price.-Anonymous
Why We Like It: This multipack of fashion dolls makes a great birthday gift or holiday present for 3-year-old kids and up as well as fans who love the classic animated film and the live-action movie, Aladdin.

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11. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty

Promising Review: I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived! The box came it great, no dents and scratches, and the figure itself looked amazing! No flaws whatsoever! This was a great deal altogether!-KN
Why We Recommend It: From sleeping beauty, Aurora (styles may vary), as a stylized pop vinyl from Funko! figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box.
Who Is It For: 5 years and up

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12. Aqua Magic Mat

Promising Review: The mat is of fantastic quality and big enough for both of them to get creative. The stencils are perfect and there are a lot of options. Great buy!-DarlinN
Why We Like It: We know nothing comes before the safety of our kids and the quality of their toys! If for any reason your purchase isn’t right for you, reach out to Zen Laboratory customer care (right here in the USA) and we’ll happily make things right!

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13. Adventure Kit

Why We Like It: Our kid’s adventure kit has the highest quality & safety standards you would expect. Unique opportunity to get a BONUS SAFARI VEST, a SAFARI HAT & a FREE BUG EBOOK. Your children will develop learning skills, imagination, social skills & well-being.
Who Is It For: 3 years and up

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14. Anna -Frozen 2

Why We Like It: For bedtime or playtime, this Anna shaped character pillow helps bring the magic of Disney to life.
Why We Recommend It: This cuddle pillow brings Anna to life with fun character details like a three-dimensional pony tale, an attached satin dress, and embroidered face details like the character in the movie.

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15. Ariel & Sisters Fashion Dolls

Why We Recommend It: this set of 3 Disney dolls Comes with an Ariel mermaid fashion doll and two of her mermaid sisters.

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16. Alphabet Learning Toy

Why We Like It: Perfect for preschool learning.
Why We Recommend It: Great addition to your nursery or game room.
Just open it, hang it on the wall or put it on top of a table. 
Who Is It For: 36 months – 6 years

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Promising Review: I had ordered a cheaper version and understood quickly why it was so cheap. It came broke. Popsicle sticks were stronger. So I went on a quest to find a more durable 1.-Keyona J
Why We Recommend It: You could never miss this educational toy if your little one has shown interest in mathematics. It enables your little one to do simple counting and more complicated calculations, learn the alphabet, develop fine motor skills, and even more.

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18. Art Case Gift BY CRAYOLA

Why We Like It: Great for birthdays and holidays, the Crayola Inspiration Art Case allows you to give the gift of imagination and creativity to your favorite little artist.
Why We Recommend It: With everything you need to get started creating, this case makes a great gift for girls and boys.

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19. Ant Habitat for Kids

Promising Review: This made a great Christmas gift and made this child extremely happy. He spends most of his day watching the ants work.-Rose
Why We Recommend It:  It’s not often that a science project can be fun and engaging, but this set achieves both! Great set for individual play or as a group activity.

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20. Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

Promising Review: Usually bought at ducks sporting goods but I save a few bucks buying them from here. My nephew is loving to learn how to throw a Frisbee with these because they are so lightweight and user friendly.-RidingMagee
Why We Like It:
Why We Recommend It: For exhilarating games of catch, nothing compares with the Aerobe pro flying ring, holder of the Guinness world record for the farthest throw – it flew an amazing 1,333 feet / 406 meters. 

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Promising Review: I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my daughter so I decided to put it together when I received my order to make sure nothing was missing or broken. It was very simple to assemble and everything matched up perfectly. This easel is of great quality and simply adorable!Michelle Lee Strickland
Why We Recommend It: Includes a Chalk Board & Magnetic Dry Erase Board – Hang paper, use dry erase markers, crayons, paint, or any other way to let your child express the artist inside of them.

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Why We Like It: Best toddler gift to start their learning journey with AILA Sit & Play Plus Virtual Preschool Learning System to prepare for preschool. 
Why We Recommend It: AILA teaches over 60 stories to your toddler on the AILA Sit & Play. Parents can continue the offline learning to instill the love of reading using the Read Aloud Stories Book that includes 60 of the stories from AILA.
Who Is It For: 12 months – 3 years

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23. Aurodo Multi-Award Winning STEM Learning Game

Why We Recommend It: The game is INTUITIVELY DESIGNED, playing with Augmented Reality and 200+ Learning activities cements knowledge into the brain for easy STEM RECALL. This builds visualization, creativity and imagination, memory, and enhances motor skills.
Who Is It For: 3 years and up

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24. Alligator -Animal Figures

Why We Like It: It is a great way to expand the growth with children through physical science.
Why We Recommend It: Made from durable material, can be used over and over again.
Uniquely molded textures and richly painted details bring them to life and help inspire creativity for kids.

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25. ALTAIR Brushless RC Boat

Why We Recommend It: The Altair Tide RC Boat Can Reach Speeds of up to 40 km/h with a Powerful Brushless Motor. The AA Tide is Great for Lakes and Rivers or Even in the Pool!
Who Is It For: 14 years and up

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26. ALTAIR RC Truck 

Promising Review: Bought as a Christmas present for 7yo son. First off, this truck is powerful and fast. After practicing in low, switched to high and this thing rips.-Jeff
Why We Recommend It: Take your Altair Power Pro 4×4:

  • Through Muddy Puddles
  • To the Beach
  • Over Rocks at the Park
  • On Dirt Race Tracks
  • Street Racing with Friends

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27. Astronaut Kids Play TenAstronaut Kids Play Ten

Why We Recommend It: We were inspired by dozens of little kids’ opinions which led to our innovative child-friendly & educational design. Soft thick fabric, breathable mesh walls, and flexible padded structure give your child the safest enjoyable experience.
Who Is It For:

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28. Activity Cube Toy

Why We Like It: Great Gifts for babies boys & girls!
Why We Recommend It: Bright colors and different music or sounds can attract a baby’s attention to exercise different skills.
Who Is It For: 12 months and up

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29. Animal Toy StoryBots 

Promising Review: Beautiful, hand-crocheted toys, awesome value for the quality! The kids loved them!! The crochet work was perfect and they shipped very quickly.-Anonymous
Why We Recommend It: Spot clean when possible. If absolutely necessary they can be hand washed and laid flat to dry. Stuffing inside may need to be squished around to reshape after getting wet.
Who Is It For:  3 years and up

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30. Angel Doll

Why We Recommend It:  We are happy to introduce you to Mon Ami designs with a team of talented product designers, Mon Ami designs hone in on popular European design trends, and translates them into the tastes and price points of the American market.
Who Is It For: 36 months – 3 years

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31. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Set

Promising Review: These are great at our Mad Hatter Fairy Garden Tea Parties. The youngsters drink lemonade from them, pinkies raised. Perfect!-Debbie M
Why We Recommend It: From the bestselling Truly Alice range, each pack contains 24 paper cups and saucers with the classic floral vintage tea-party feel. For a stunning Truly Alice centerpiece, combine with the napkins and paper plates, and even for some photographic fun, our Truly Alice photo booth props!.

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Why We Recommend It: Their monster wheels are ready for mega tough terrain, too! Pick up all of the vehicles in the assortment and head to the Monster Jam arena for a head-to-head battle. Who will dominate and who will be destroyed Not for use with some Hot Wheels sets.
Who Is It For: 36 months – 7 years

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33. Action Figure Toys 

Why We Like It: Child Safe: Easy to Switch Back and Forth from Letters to Robots. Non-Toxic. Meet the US toy standard. Safety test approved.
Why We Recommend It: This learning toy can also be used as an interactive game since it can transform into a robot. This figure set is an entertaining and easy way to introduce kids to letters and recognize them.
Who Is It For: 3 years and up

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34. Adventures Ultimate Super Hero Set

Why We Recommend It: The 10 figure Ultimate Super Hero Set is inspired by the characters from the Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Who Is It For: 3 years and up

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35. AUTISM WEIGHTED bunny sensory toy

Why We Recommend It: Weighted stuffed animals are the most versatile of weighted therapy products. They can sit in a child’s lap to provide sensory input as well as provide kids with a fidget. Carrying a weighted animal during transitions provides sensory input and keeps hands occupied.

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36.  Adjustable Dumbbell Toy

Why We Like It:  This adorable arm exercise equipment is a perfect present to your child. It is easy to use.
Why We Recommend It: Your little one can easily get happy when getting into fitness. The fitness dumbbell designs in bright colors, your baby will love it. 
Who Is It For:

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37. Adventure Awaits! – Wooden Toy 

Why We Like It: Makes a Unique Gift for your Kids, Grandkids, and their friends!
Why We Recommend It: Set of handmade lightweight wooden sword and shield – “Knights of the Round Table” style – Handle wrapped in Jute Twine.

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38. Alarm Clock Electronic Learning Toys

Why We Recommend It: Children can choose and play games on the touch screen. These games will effectively exercise kids’ ability to respond, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. Best gifts for kids! 
Who Is It For: 36 months – 12 years

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39. Angry Birds – Gift Set

Why We Like It: Display your love of Angry Birds with this unique Heroes and Hatchlings gift set of collectible figures.
Why We Recommend It: Collect them all, including Red, Bomb, Terence, Mighty Eagle, Matilda, Leonard, the Pigs, and all the Hatchlings.
Recreate your favorite moments from the Angry Birds game and movie with Angry Birds Collectible Figures and Hatchlings.

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40. Adventure Game Kids Walkie Talkies

Promising Review: Hello hello hello, lol.
This is what I hear all day when I give this walkie talkie to my friend’s kid. Awesome
They are having a lot of fun plus a compass that goes with it.-Sexieanna
Why We Recommend It: Walkie talkie for kids can help parents find interesting ways to accompany their kids, listen to kid’s inner voice, and make families closer.

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41. Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone

Why We Recommend It: the company creates products that deliver the same high-speed thrills, precise performance, and groundbreaking features as hobby-grade RC equipment–but without the prohibitive cost or complexity.
Who Is It For: 8 – 10 years

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42. Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

Why We Recommend It: Based on the best-selling phone app game, Angry Birds.
Now kids can play their #1 favorite app game in real life.
Build, launch and destroy with an exciting skill-and-action.
Features three Angry Birds, green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces, and mission cards.
For 2 or 4 players.

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43. Adventure Wooden Toddler Activity Center

Why We Like It: The Deep Sea Adventure wooden toddler toy is packed full of motor skill activities. Your little one won’t even know they’re practicing their fine and gross motor skills as they investigate all of the features offered by this sea-themed activity center.
Why We Recommend It: Colorful, highly detailed graphics abound on this toddler activity stand, with a captivating palette to instantly capture and hold your little one’s attention. While exploring all of the activity toy features, the Deep Sea Adventure will help send imaginations to great depths.

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44. Alphabet -Educational Floating Toys

Why We Like It: a PERFECT GIFT for boys or girls. These educational kid’s bath toys make a great gift that can be used day after day for any holiday!
Who Is It For: 3 years and up

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